Color Palette in Scratch

The way that you can choose the color you draw a line, ellipse, rectangle or other geometric shape on your canvas is by the Color Palette. The color palette is a useful tool that allows you to easily choose a color and easily choose a color from a wide variety of colors.
There are two representations of the Color Palette, in the first, the colors are chosen from the existing grid.
To change to the alternate palette, click the small box to the right.
In the other representation has the primary colors, which fade over to main colors (gradient), click anywhere in the palette to choose a color.

Color Palette

Color Palette and Alternate Palette

You have two current colors and you can switch between them to paint on the canvas, on the right side of the palette of colors and very close to the edge of the Drawing Canvas can find two squares of different colors; the colors of those squares are the colors you can use immediately to start drawing. Once you select a new color change the top square color.
You can click on the color swap arrow to exchange of colors to switch between two colors, and choose other color for drawing.
The color on the top is the default color used to draw any figure.
Once you select the color you draw any shape on the canvas will have the color you chose.

Current colors

You have two current colors and you can change between them, by clicking the color swap arrow.

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